Temporary recruitment

Moving quickly to find the right-temp, right-now!

Whether you need 20 German speakers right now to start on a newly-won market research project, or a Korean speaking administrator to cover sick leave, we can help!

We work hard to maintain a core of top flight linguists who are available immediately for temporary contracts, have the right set of skills and experience, and who can commit to your project at the drop of a hat.

Booking a temp

The process couldn’t be more simple: you speak to us and tell us what you need, then we immediately start contacting the candidates we know are free to start working right away. Once we’ve sourced the right person for your business, we confirm their pay rate, ensure they are properly referenced, and, where required, sign confidentiality agreements.

The ABL Way

Over the course of 25 years in recruitment we have developed a wide-and-deep network of linguists we know well, and we know are available right away. We keep this pipeline bolstered via a proactive recruitment programme where we work with various UK and international Universities who will send us their finest language graduates every year.

Once registered with us, the candidates will become part of the ABL “army” of temps, ready to head out to work. Approximately 30% of our temps are taken on as permanent staff; a testament to the quality of applicant we provide.

So whether you represent an international bank and are looking for a Japanese speaker to help organise and manage a foreign trip, a small firm of accountants looking for an SAP specialist with Italian, or a call centre looking for telesales people with Mandarin, our aim is to give you the peace of mind that you need to make sure that you get the right person, right now.

Did you know?