Connecting Global Businesses

Holding crucial meetings, whether attended by large gatherings of people from different countries, or just on a one-to-one basis, can be a stressful process. Replicating the exact quality and meaning of each word is a critical factor in successful negotiations, requiring a talented interpreter.

At ABL, our interpretation jobs range from coordinated events of over 50 interpreters working on a rota, to solo events and deal negotiations.

Simultaneous Interpreting

When you are pressed for time, the interpreter will listen to the original speech via headphones, accurately translating what has been said simultaneously into a microphone. This takes a highly skilled and qualified individual who will have passed our screening process.

Consecutive Interpreting

A good solution when you have a little more time, consecutive interpreting takes place in set intervals, typically every couple of minutes. The speaker will talk in their native language, taking regular pauses, during which time the interpreter can relay the meaning to the audience.

An Exemplary Service

Our commitment to you is in sourcing only the finest interpreters who are capable of rapid, critical thinking and have complete fluency in the required language. Checks are made by consultants in order to ensure their ability, and each interpreter is required to have the relevant post graduate qualifications.

Quotations for our interpreting services are based on the language, topic and duration of the assignment and will be priced on a per hour basis, or on a day/half-day rate.

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