Executive Support

Bilingual Executive Support & Administrative Staff

Working with executives across a range of international businesses, ABL specialises in finding the right executive support staff to help realise your global ambitions.

Our candidate recruitment process evaluates each person on the merits of not only their ability to speak multiple languages, but their industry specific experience and education in order to understand their true value as an employee.

Bilingual Personal Assistants

Given the crucial difference the right assistant will make to your business, we know that taking on a PA isn’t a decision ever taken lightly. There are many criteria to take into consideration other than just technical and language skills; personality, attitude, culture and ‘chemistry’, to name but a few.

That’s why we take a completely hands on approach to submitting a candidate. We even offer additional psychometric testing to support this crucial decision, if you so choose.

Taking our time to understand precisely the sort of executive support staff you require, we can ensure that we only deliver candidates that you will want to employ.

Speaking Our Language

Your Competitive Edge

Additional in-house language skills = human capital.

Many of our most ambitious clients have a recruitment policy which stipulates that all new permanent employees must speak English plus another language. This is because they recognise that human capital is fundamental to their long-term plans and growth strategy.

According to a major 2011 study, 4 out of 5 business managers believe employing bilingual employees is important, and 83% of those questioned believe that employees with a second language would significantly improve their company’s productivity

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