Bilingual Recruitment

ABL – The Language Recruitment Specialists

Over the last 25 years, we are proud to have become one of the UK’s premier providers of bilingual recruitment services, earning this position through a considered recruitment process that sees us take a real personal and vested interest in each of our candidates. We take the time to vet each recruit for cultural fit, fluency, personality and additional skills as well as their personal aspirations.

Our aim is to really get to know the ‘person’, and not just the ‘applicant’. We want to know how we can best help them, so that we can ensure our recruitment process is tailored to you.

As a result of the care and attention we give to our candidates, we have a vast pool of linguists who stay with us, refer their friends and family and will always stay in touch. Getting to know each candidate on such a personal level is why we can guarantee that whoever we send your way will be someone fit for the job and right for you.

Our Services

From Arabic speakers specialising in the financial sector to French translators or experts in Yoruba, our services encompass over 300 languages with many candidates offering sector specific specialisms and skills.

Temporary & Permanent

Whether you have an employment gap to fill, a short term project that needs staffing, or require a full time multilingual employee, our database of candidates features some of the most interesting and talented polyglots from around the world.


Complete with a nuanced understanding of the written word, our gifted translation candidates work on both a freelance and contractual basis, and are all qualified and screened.


Capable of listening, understanding and relaying what has been said in multiple languages simultaneously or consecutively, our interpreters are all tried-and–tested, and often key to many international conferences and meetings.

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