Pharmaceuticals Translation Agency


With pharmaceutical translations, the emphasis is on producing medically accurate copy that can be easily understood by all who read it. Any mistakes or confusion can lead to serious consequences, and may mean the injury or death of the user as well as severe legal ramifications.

This is why we employ only highly specialised pharmaceutical translators, accredited by a recognised governing body to handle this kind of work. Even then, each and every one of our translation staff is personally vetted by our senior consultants in order to verify their skills and abilities. And our projects are overseen by senior team members in order to ensure our standards are upheld from start to finish.

International Pharmaceutical Translation

A great many of our clients are companies which are trying to extend the reach of their products or services to the international market. Strict governmental and regulatory bodies require you to fill out a great deal of paperwork. At ABL we ensure that you have a native or fluent speaker to get you through this process.

Due to the strictness of the industry, as well as the consequences of any mistakes, we focus on delivering letter-perfect translations, designed to pass even the closest scrutiny. By letting us focus on what we do best, we let you focus on what you do best.

Allocating a translator to your project who is not only fluent in the language of your choice, but also has experience in the pharmaceutical industry, means that you can rely on ABL to provide a service par excellence.

Our Processes

Understanding Who You Are

We need to understand the project exactly! Our senior consultancy team are highly experienced and will oversee every step of your project, remaining in touch at each crucial stage.

Assigning A Pharmaceutical Translator

Each of our pharmaceutical translators are employed for their experience with both translation work and their previous pharmaceutical-specific work. 

Specialist Legal Advice

Working closely with Denton’s legal firm, we can request specialised legal advice as and when necessary. This can be offered as a consultative extra.

We’ll be delighted to speak to you about your pharmaceutical translation needs. Get in touch with one of our consultants now.