Hopefully we have addressed some of the questions that might have been buzzing around your head here, but if we haven’t, please just get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help!

How do I register?

Just attach your cv and a short note to the job advert that interests you. The relevant consultant will get back to you.

Alternatively, you can send a general CV to Email Me info@ablrecruitment.com if you don’t see a job that appeals to you immediately. You will get an initial automatic response, but the CV will be viewed by our consultants and someone will get back to you in due course.

Do I need to come in for a face to face consultant-interview ?

Ideally, yes, although if you live outside London or are overseas, then we can arrange a Skype interview.

Can I come in to register for work over the weekend?

Yes, we are open every 2nd Saturday of the month in order to accommodate those who cannot find time during the week.

Can I register with ABL after work?

Of course you can. Our very last appointment is 7pm, but you will need to specifically book this time with your consultant.

What should I wear to meet the agency?

Business attire, please.

Will you reimburse my travel expenses?

No, however some clients may consider doing this if you are based abroad.

What do I need to bring with me to the agency?

Your passport is essential. Qualifications and references are also helpful

Will I have language tests or other technical skills tests?

This depends largely on the role that you have applied for and what the client has stipulated. If this is the case, your recruiter will let you know in advance.

How do you test my language skills?

Tests are either verbal, in which case they will be administered by your consultant, or written.Don’t worry, we have spare pens.

How do you test other skills?

Some clients will give us their own tests, which you will need to do online at our office with the results going straight to the client. Other skills are tested on-site here with us, such as level of MS office, or a general spelling test.

Will I have any documentation to fill out at the agency?

Your recruiter will have sent you a registration pack that you can either fill in online and email back, or print out. Alternatively this can be filled in at the office.

Why do you need my references?

Clients, especially those looking for temporary workers, ask for these as part of their recruitment process.

Who do I ask for at reception?

The recruiter that is looking after you and is considering your application for their client.

Will I be told the name of the client I will be interviewed for?

That depends on the confidentiality agreement that we have with the client. Usually you will be told the company’s name if your CV is being submitted, but not always.

How many roles can I apply for at the same time?

As many as you want, just as long as you match the criteria for the role!

What is the best way of tracking new vacancies that come in?

Set yourself up with job alerts from our site

Which sectors do you operate in?

We are a multilingual agency, so we operate across all sectors. However in general we cover roles that command salaries of £20k-£80k.

Do you recruit for companies abroad?

Yes. We work with various clients who source their new staff from the UK, but for jobs that are based abroad. We work with clients in Europe, The Emirates, Saudi Arabia and others. Most of our roles do tend to be in the UK, however. If we are recruiting for roles abroad, then we will discuss travel expenses, flights etc with you on an individual basis.

How often do you receive new jobs?

All day, every day.

Can I find temporary work through ABL, or just permanent jobs?

We cater for both temporary and permanent positions.

How long does it take to find a new job via ABL?

This often depends on the language you speak. Those speaking more common languages tend to get placed more quickly; those wishing to use their fluent Yoruba may have to wait longer!