Healthcare & Medical Translation Services


In the world of healthcare and medicine, mistakes can be incredibly costly, and the same has to be said of medical translation services. Translated documents need to be understood without any error or room for interpretation, and describe the matter with absolute clarity.

This is why we employ bilingual medical translators whose experience and expertise lay specifically in medicine. As with all of our translation staff, we rigorously test their skills before they are set any projects. And we ensure that the translator assigned to your account has the requisite level of experience in your specific field of medicine.

Translating medical documents into over 50 different languages, we’re one of the largest agencies in London and one of the few capable of handling high level medical translation work.

Our Healthcare and Medical Translation Expertise

Those who use ABL’s translation services come to expect an exceedingly high standard of services, and it’s this reputation that we are absolutely committed to upholding. We only source bilingual medical professionals to ensure that your translation is not only accurate, but verified medically.

Our healthcare and medical translation services include:

Patient forms
Case report forms
Information leaflets
Clinical study agreements
Equipment manuals
Company news and press releases
Toxicology reports
Legal medical reports
Medical histories

Outstanding Professionalism

We treat all of our clients with the utmost respect and, wherever necessary, all parties involved in the project will sign non-disclosure agreements, respecting doctor-patient confidentiality.

The ABL Way

We pride ourselves on providing impeccable translation work, and have senior account managers overseeing all of our jobs. All of our translators must be qualified in fields of medicine and are vetted thoroughly before joining our agency. Don’t settle for anything less.

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