Finance & Banking Translation Agency


ABL has been providing specialist translation services for the finance and banking sectors for over a quarter of a century. Working with both national and international firms, we have bilingual translators from around the planet, experts in working with the highly demanding financial sectors.

From investment to private, hedge funds to corporate finance, we help you communicate with contacts across the world, putting you in the best stead to make decisive deals and strengthen relationships.

Financial Document Translation

The list of financial documents which we’ve translated throughout the years is endless, but here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done in the past:

Investment documents and reports

Profit and loss reports

Banking software translations

Supporting media for marketing

Legal document translations

Web & Mobile content

How We Work

Acting in absolute discretion, ABL treat all of their clients with the strictest confidence. Following a simple framework, we can guarantee rapid turnaround times and an excellent standard of service.

Understanding Your Project

First of all we will need to discuss with you the scope of the project, and understand a little more about you before anything can begin. This helps us with the next step…

Assigning a Translator

Translation is both an art and a science, and finding the right translator. A person who not only speaks the language, but understands the complexities of international finance. This the most important part of the process.

Project Delivery

One of our senior consultants will oversee the project in its entirety, from inception to delivery. We want to make sure that our standards are upheld the whole time and that your specifications and expectations have been met.

The ABL Commitment

We’re proud of our reputation as one of the largest financial and banking translation agencies in London and we want to keep it that way. That’s why we employ only fully qualified translators, whom we personally vet for both language proficiency and financial specialism.

For financial and banking translation services look no further. Give ABL a call today.