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Being Part Of The ABL Candidate Network

We see each potential employee as a representative of our company, and so seek to equip them with all the necessary skills and resources to help them succeed. We spend the time making certain they are up to the task and capable of maintaining our reputation as the UK’s bilingual recruitment agency.

Being part of ABL is more than just about finding a job, it’s about being part of a support network that helps those who need it with their personal development in order to strengthen their career prospects.

We take the time to listen, to understand and to mentor talent, so that you get sent only the best. Over 64% of our candidates are direct referrals and tend to stay with us for the duration of their working lives. This gives you access to an applicant database that is unique and otherwise unavailable.

    The result is:

  • Better candidates
  • Better employees
  • Higher staff retention rates
  • Lower annual recruitment costs to your company

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